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Are You Ready To Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level?
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Are You Interested In Becoming A Yoga Teacher?

Dear Yoga Student,

Sean and Karen Conley here from Amazing Yoga and we want to support you along your yogi path. Chances are you have been practicing yoga for a little while now and are wondering if its time to take that leap to the next level and enroll in a teacher training. If you are like most students, you probably have a lot of questions and are not sure what to expect. Or, maybe you are a little nervous and are struggling with some self doubt or other limiting beliefs.

Because we have helped so many students get to the next level of their yoga practice, we have decided to put together some tips that will give you some insight.

I entered into the Yoga Teacher Training primarily to gain more knowledge in the practice of yoga, unsure if I truly wanted to take on teaching. After the yoga training with Sean, Karen and my fellow students, I felt truly transformed by what practicing and teaching yoga can do for me!” – Melissa (Chicago, IL)

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  • Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.
  • The pros and cons of training in a local studio versus an immersion program outside the country.
  • How to launch a career if you decide to go this route.
  • Teaching methodologies and tools for teachers.
  • + Much more!

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