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You Already Have it Within You to Be an Impactful Yoga Teacher

To make an impact as a yoga teacher it requires self-discovery.  There is a myth that it requires tons of knowledge and techniques to become an inspiring yoga teacher.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Five Tips for New Yoga Teachers

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You just completed teacher training, now what?

You’re ready. You’ve taught to your friends, family, your neighbors, and even your pet chihuahua. Now you are heading out from safe waters. Your new adventure and next step might be a studio, a gym, or a  community center.

Have fun and use these tips and reminders to guide you.

1. Keep it Simple 

Use the KISS method. Keep it Simple for Students. As a new teacher, you will be most likely attracting students who are new to yoga as well. You do not need to wow them, knock their socks off, or hit a home run. Some teachers feel as if they have to throw the entire kitchen sink at them via creative sequencing, quotes and stories. The hope is that it may impress them or that it is needed for students to have a powerful yoga experience. But for students, less is more. People have enough on their plates to be bogged down and confused with complex instruction and poses, different language, overuse of yoga jargon, etc. Just showing up for students is an incredible accomplishment. They are already learning something new by just being in class.

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Realizing The Power Behind What We Teach and Share


At a past teacher training a male student in his mid 50’s shared a compelling story with the group about the real life changing effect of the yoga practice.

He was suffering from a debilitating disease that was wrecking havoc on his body.  His daily life was a physical, mental, and emotional struggle. He felt as if he was running out of options to improve his daily living.

He arrived at his first class on the recommendation of his doctor, unsure and unconvinced about this “yoga craze”.  Beautifully, when we stepped into the yoga room for his first time, it was also a brand new teacher who was getting ready to teach her first class ever.  The teacher who loved yoga and had a passionate for sharing what she loved delivered a magical class and he was hooked.

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